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7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

Posted on12/03/2019

7 Holiday Gifts for Tea Lovers Available at the Tea Haus

Tea Lovers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s your mother who drinks her green tea with honey first thing in the morning, your friend who enjoys a sweet biscuit with their afternoon earl grey tea or your brother who fixes himself a chamomile tea latte before bed, they all enjoy tea in their own way. Whoever the tea lover in your life may be, you’re well aware by this point that gifting them the perfect tea-related holiday gift is never a bad option. Whether you’re looking to be a little more creative this year or aiming to stick to their favourite traditional tea flavour, there are plenty of unique options to choose from. In order to help you narrow down your selection, here are our favourite holiday gifts for tea lovers.

1. Wayu Andean Energy Edible Fruit Teas 

Now that winter has fully arrived, we are kicking off our list with a delicious, unique treat from warmer climes! "Misky Wayu" — which means "sweet fruit" in the Quechua dialect — is a company offering exotic organic products from the high moorlands of the Andes. Their products contain 100% natural exotic fruits combined with ancestral Andean herbs, all dehydrated to keep their healing and medicinal properties intact. These fruits alone carry many nutrients and vitamins necessary for daily consumption, making it a healthy drink, free of alternative, unhealthier sweetening options. Simply add the fruit contents of the pouch in a cup, add boiling water, wait a few minutes, drink the resulting tea and eat the now-hydrated fruits.

This tropical fruit undergoes a careful dehydration process performed by skilled workers. This way, consumers can enjoy the same taste, aroma and nutrients as eating the fruit in its natural, hydrated state. And if that wasn’t reason enough to support this unique organization, they are also oriented with a great social purpose. Wayu dedicates itself to creating jobs for mothers whose children are suffering from cancer.

Shop Wayu Andean Energy Edible Fruit Teas on Our Website >>

2. MicroMesh Filters by Finium

The delicate material of these Finium Micro Mesh Filters is the perfect medium for steeping all kinds of tea. Whether it’s a Rooibos or BP Grade tea, the mesh filter enhances the flavour of brewed tea. These filters allow the tea leaves to expand during the infusion process adding an abundance of flavour to each and every sip. They are proof of the fact that tea filters don’t have to be ornate. The combination of high-quality plastic and stainless steel will allow your giftee to have the best cup of tea with an aromatic, enjoyable experience. These infusers also keep the tea warm for long periods of time, and once the steeping is complete, the lid can simply be flipped over and used a drip-off tray for the tea filter. This is the perfect gift for the tea lovers who are serious about the perfect cup.

Shop Finium Micro Mesh Filters on Our Website >>

3. The Smart Tea Maker

The Smart Tea Maker is one of the best affordable tea inventions to date. It’s an ideal way to make a perfect cup of loose-leaf tea from the comfort of your own home. From its sleek design to its complete lack of BPA, it’s the perfect gift for any tea lover in your life who is looking for new countertop teaware. Plus, it comes apart easily for easy cleaning. With only four simple steps to make the tea, your giftee can become their very own tea connoisseur. To further personalize this gift, write out these tea-making instructions on a fancy piece of stationary to include with the Smart Tea Maker:

  1. Place 1-2 teaspoons of loose tea in the tea maker

  2. Add hot/boiling water

  3. After the desired steeping time, place the tea maker on top of a cup and the finely filtered beverage will flow into your cup

  4. Lift up the tea maker to stop the flow of liquid

Shop the Smart Tea Maker on Our Website >>

4. Yunnan Pine Needle Tea

The holidays are the perfect time to gift unique tea options for those with adventurous palates. If you’re buying for a true tea aficionado, then Yunnan Pine Needle is an excellent option. For a limited time, we’re offering this unique black tea from the Yunnan province in China. Harvested in the spring, the big long wiry leaves are full of golden tips. These aromatic leaves produce a medium-bodied, sweet and smooth tea liquor with complex chocolate-malt flavour notes and an amazing silky feel.

Shop Yunnan Pine Needle Tea on Our Website >>

5. Matcha Whisk and Stand

Matcha is powdered green tea that originates from Japan and is traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Produced from the leaves of shade-grown tea, it is then ground into a fine powder with a hand mill. It’s no surprise that matcha aficionados and Japanese experts say using a whisk is the best way to create matcha tea. For the matcha lover in your life, this gift is essential for them to create their very own authentic Japanese-styled matcha tea. A matcha whisk, most commonly crafted from bamboo bristles, allows you to mix matcha powder, water and air into a heavenly frothed beverage.

To keep your matcha whisk in the best shape, pair it with our Glass Matcha Whisk Stand. The stand allows the whisk to rest when not in use and helps return it to its original shape extending the lifetime of the whisk. To make this gift that much better, we sell our own matcha powder that can be gifted alongside the whisk and stand. Tea lovers everywhere will not be disappointed by receiving this iconic trio as a gift.

Shop Matcha Accessories on Our Website >>

Shop Matcha Powder on Our Website >>

6. Assorted Chai Blends

Chai originated from India, where “chai wallahs” (tea vendors) set up their shops along the sidewalk and street corners. They are considered tea sommeliers as they often add unique bits of spices to create their own signature blend. No matter whether you’d like to shop in person at our Covent Garden Market location or online, we sell a wide array of Chai flavours. By picking and choosing different blends for your giftee, they can create their own signature chai blend helping them get one step closer to becoming their inner chai wallah. Some of our best selling flavours include “Sweet Chai,” “Masala Chai,” and “Tibetan Chai,” along with nine other blends to choose from.

Shop Chai Blends on Our Website >>

7. Afternoon Tea at The Tea Haus

Instead of going the material route this year, why not go for the experiential? The only thing better than enjoying a hot cup of afternoon tea on a cold day with friends or family is doing so without having to lift a finger. With that in mind, pre-book an afternoon tea package at our Covent Garden Market location! We serve up afternoon tea the traditional way in a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the company and our selection of over 200 teas that will satisfy any palate. To complete the experience, we partner with Petit Paris to provide you with delicate pastries. Simply give us at least two days' notice so we can arrange to have the pastries prepared and arrangements made. We also offer gift cards 

NOTE: We do not have any afternoon tea time slots available in December. We will begin taking reservations again in January. If you’d like to gift something in lieu of this, we are happy to offer gift certificates!

Learn More About Afternoon Tea at the Tea Haus >>

Make the Right Choice for the Tea Lover in Your Life! Shop the Tea Haus

For more tea-related holiday gift ideas make sure to visit our website.

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