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    This particular variation of Earl Grey is unique and flavorful. A blend of Darjeeling and oil of bergamot makes a delicious and fruity cup. Try it clear or with milk in the morning or afternoon with a light snack.  To see more Earl Grey Teas visit our Earl Grey Tea section or to browse all Black Teas visit our Black Tea section. 
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    Advent Calendar of Tea - give the gift of tea. Now available at The Tea Haus! Enjoy a selection of 24 different teas - each pouch contains enough loose leaves for 1 pot of tea (= 1 liter or 5 cups). The front displays a label with the date and the back the name of the tea, ingredients, and preparation instructions. Also included in the boxed set are...
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    Aki Bancha tea is a bancha from the fall harvest. The leaves are a little bit larger than average green tea leaves and have a fresh green colour. Aki Bancha makes an aromatic and refreshing cup of tea. The liquor is green-yellow and contains little caffeine. A great thirst-quencher. One of a few selected premium teas that we carry from KEIKO. To browse...
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    All Weather is a wonderful blend that is both comforting and warm, yet refreshing. A licorice taste with a minty kick.  A traditional European recipe that will help you through those cold winter days but will also cool you down during the hotter months.  A tisane that may help alleviate some cold symptoms! Caffeine-free. To see more Tisanes visit our...
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    This Rooibos tastes like marzipan in a cup. Sweet yet savoury, Almond Rooibos is great on its own or as a substitute for an afternoon treat. Here's a fun fact: the almond is not a nut but a drupe - a member of the peach family! Caffeine-free, full-bodied, and sweet. To see more Rooibos Teas visit our Rooibos & Honeybush section or to browse all Herbal...
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    A dreamy mix of black and green teas with natural maple and blackberry flavours. This tasty aromatic blend will have you feeling like you're in heaven - a perfect tea to sip throughout the afternoon. To see more Green Teas visit our Green Tea section or to browse all Black Teas visit our Black Tea section. 
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    A delicious treat, perfect for anytime of day. Reminiscent of grandma's baked goods. This tisane is warm, sweet, and tasty. Not unlike apple pie in a cup without the calories! To see more Rooibos Teas visit our Rooibos & Honeybush section or to browse all Herbal Teas visit our Herbal Tea section. 
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    Apple Spice is a warming black tea blend complimented by a natural apple cinnamon flavour, apple pieces, orange peel, and spices.   To see more Flavoured Black Teas, visit our Flavoured Black Teas section or to browse all Black Teas visit our Black Tea section. 
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    The sensational flavour of apricots comes though in this delicious tea. A touch of sweetness from the apricot and the Ceylon OP strikes a perfect balance on the palate. Makes a great iced tea as well as a hot beverage. To see more Flavoured Black Teas visit the Flavoured Black Tea section or to browse all of our Black Teas visit the Black Tea section.

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