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Can I order my tea and pick it up from the store?

Yes! Our shopping cart system allows you to select the option “pick-up at store” during checkout. This is a great idea especially during our busy time in November and December.

Can I place a special order for a product that you don’t have in stock?

Talk to one of our staff at the store or contact us by email. If the tea that you are looking for is a non-stock item, we will try to find it for you. Minimum quantity for special orders is usually 500g.

Pricing Information

All prices are subject to change without notice. Products are subject to availability. All charges are in Canadian funds.

Do you offer free samples?

We do send a free sample tea with your online order.

Do you have more locations?

We currently have one location in London, Ontario (TestSiteTTH, 130 King Street, London, Ontario).

Do you wholesale?

No. We are strictly a retail business.

Ingredients and allergy information

Disclaimer: If you have a serious allergy, we recommend that you consult your physician before you consume any of our products as we use real herbs, spices, flower petals & blossoms, nuts, fruit, and berries in some of our teas.

Are your teas gluten-free?

Yes. All of our teas are completely gluten-free.

Do your teas contain sugar?

Currently, only two of our teas contain candied pineapple pieces, or candied banana pieces (Banana Banana, and Pina Colada fruit blend). Our list of ingredients will provide that information. 

How many calories are in your tea?

Our teas are calorie and sugar free (as long as you don't add milk and/or sugar). ** only two of our teas contain candied fruit pieces. We reference it in our list of ingredients on our website.

Is there dairy/lactose in any of your teas?

All of our teas are lactose/dairy free with the exception of teas containing Caramel pieces (English Caramel, Creme Caramel).

What is the best way to store tea?

Tea is an easy product to store, provided you observe a few simple precautions. The first is to keep it dry. The second is keep it closed, as tea will easily absorb neighboring scents and flavours. Lastly, keep it out of direct sunlight and its damaging UV rays. Our favourite tea caddies come with a double lid to ensure ultimate freshness.

Please ensure that you close the zippers atop the pouches in which our teas are packaged to ensure that that last cup is as fresh as the first. Should you prefer others means of storage, we recommend either metal canisters or glass jars. Both offer an airtight seal to keep tea dry and insulated from external scents.

Most teas do not require refrigeration, although connoisseurs of green teas from Japan often store them in this fashion. However, freezing teas or storing them in the fridge would produce the opposite effect, introducing moisture that is damaging to tea leaves. For this reason, we recommend keeping all tea leaves out of the freezer and the fridge.




Click for more products.
No produts were found.

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