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Your Ultimate Guide to Tea Infusers

Posted on01/19/2017 by

Buying high-quality, fresh loose leaf tea and tisane means finding a mechanism to get the most flavour, minimal mess, and ultimate convenience. Whether you are on-the-go, swear by reusable, or need something disposable we have options. Find out the benefits and disadvantages of each tea infuser in order to choose the perfect infuser for you and your favourite tea!

JoeMo Travel Tea Thermos

Price: $24.50

Benefits: This infuser is the perfect tea accessory for tea lovers that are constantly on the move. Whether you enjoy a tea on your morning commute, bring your own tea to class, or simply enjoy the convenience of a portable mug, this is a great infuser for you. The mug comes with its own insert infuser that can be placed on the tightly sealed lid prior to steeping.

Disadvantages: The JoeMo Travel Thermos is not the infuser for you if you prefer to steep your teas in a mug or prepare a pot of tea for larger groups of friends or family.

Tea Strainer with Drip Bowl  

Tea Strainer with drip bowl

Price: $6.99

Benefits: Technically this accessory is not an infuser but still boasts many benefits. The strainer ensures your Matcha tea is extra smooth and creamy, can be used prior to whisking, and comes with a drip bowl to prevent a mess.

Disadvantages: This strainer can not be used to infuse traditional tea leaves in a mug or pot due to the exceptionally shallow shape of the fine mesh.

Micro Mesh Filter

Micro Mesh Filter by Finum small

Price: $9.99

Benefits: This mesh filter has two sizes to ensure the handles sit perfectly on either the rim of a traditional, narrow, or wide set mug. The small holes in the mesh allow loose leaf tea or tisane to steep thoroughly without releasing particles into the cup. The lid also doubles as mini saucer once you are finished steeping.

Disadvantages: The mesh filters do not sit properly in a traditional tea cup and saucer. If your cup is too shallow then the filter will not allow tea to steep as effectively.  

Stainless Steel Infuser

Stainless Steel Infuser

Price: $15.99

Benefits: This well-designed infuser is made for people who want to avoid plastic filters. The filter is dishwasher safe and made from durable stainless steel.

Disadvantages: The Stainless Steel Infuser is the same width as the mesh filter, meaning it can only accommodate cups with a traditional to narrow width rim.

Smart Tea Maker

Smart Tea Maker

Price: $22.95

Benefits: The Smart Tea Maker is one of the best inventions in the tea world over the past 15 years. You simply add loose leaf tea and boiling water, let sit for the desired steeping time, place the device atop your cup, and let filtered tea pour through. It easily comes apart for cleaning, includes measurements, and looks sleek.

Disadvantages: The Smart Tea Maker can contain up to 0.5 litres of liquid, meaning it can not produce as much as a traditional teapot.

Paper Filters by TeaBrew

Tea Brew Paper Flters No 2

Price: $45.00 (1,000 filter)

Benefits: The paper infusers are unbleached and biodegradable and prevent the needs for a cleanup or mess. The size is ideal for steeping tea in individual mugs and makes steeping convenient and easy. The 1,000 filters come in a large quantity for a great value.

Disadvantages: The filter bags are not reusable, which means you have to restock when your first 1,000 tea bags are gone.

Paper filters by Finum

Tea Filter by Finum

Price: $6.99 (100 filters)

Benefits: Finum’s filters are made from abaca pulp, cellulose and sealing fibers. The paper used is both chlorine-free, bleached, and biodegradable. The base of the filter expands in order to allow tea leaves to unfold and release flavour. The filters provide the convenience of no clean up and no mess.

Disadvantages: One box contains 100 paper filters, meaning after your first 100 teas you will need to reorder.

Herbal-Tea Ball

Herbal-Tea Ball

Price: $6.25

Benefits: This filter has an easy screw on, screw off top, and is large enough to be steeped in a mug or teapot. The filter completely submerges in a mug or pot to ensure optimal steeping. The mesh ball is also easy to empty and clean.

Disadvantages: The holes in the mesh of the Herbal-Tea Ball are larger than those of the Stainless Steel Infuser and can produce tea particles in your mug or teapot.

Meshball (Small and Large)

Sz Small Price: $2.99
Sz Large Price: $3.99

Benefits: The meshballs have an easy open and close mechanism that ensure loose leaves stay secure. The size also allows for a fully submerged steeping process and a flavourful tea as a result. There is even a convenient hook that links the infuser to the rim of your mug.

Disadvantages: The mesh material can become misshapen over time. These filters are easy to overfill as tea leaves expand and can create difficulty when closing the filter. Oolong tea in particular will expand too much to be effectively steeped in the small meshball.

Mesh Pincer Spoon (Small and Large)

Mesh Pincer Spoon 2 3/4"

Sz Small Price: $3.99

Sz Large Price: $4.99

Benefits: The shape and size of the pincer makes steeping quick and easy. Simply pinch the handle to scoop tea leaves into the spoon and submerge the spoon into a mug. The handle even allows you to stir your tea while steeping.

Disadvantages: The mechanism of the pincer can make washing away tea leaves more difficult than a traditional meshball or filter. If you use the filter to scoop your tea, leaves may become stuck to the edge and make sealing more difficult.

Happy Steeping

Choosing the infuser is the easy part! Once you have picked the perfect infuser (or two), don’t forget to explore our fresh and delicious selection of teas and tisanes. The Tea Haus believes in the best quality and makes sure all of our teas are up to standard. With every online purchase you will also receive a free tea sample. Happy shopping and happy steeping.

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  • Ca***** *****dt

    Ca***** *****dt 01/22/2017

    I love the Smart Tea Maker, the old and the newer shape. Perfect for two of us. And the Micro Mesh Filters we've used for many years. Luckily they fit most of our teapots :)
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