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5 Best Holiday Gifts Ideas at the Covent Garden Market

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5 Best Holiday Gifts Ideas at the Covent Garden Market

Halloween has come and gone and now our minds are set on the next big thing — the holiday season. Now, you may be thinking that it’s kind of early to start shopping for holiday gifts, but why not get ahead of the game and find the best gifts at your local market before the rush begins?

The Covent Garden Market is a local market in the centre of Downtown London, Ontario. They have everything from food, drinks, services, a farmers market as well as cultural festivals and events that occur periodically. Because of the wide variety of vendors to choose from, what better place to go for a weekend activity and gift shopping spree at the same time? Instead of going in blind and not knowing which vendors to check out first, we’ve done the research for you. Here are the five best holiday gifts ideas you can find at the Covent Garden Market this season:

1. Handmade Jewelry from Tina’s Treasury

If you’re looking for beautiful handcrafted jewelry, while also looking to support local artists and crafters, Tina’s Treasury in the Covent Garden Market is an ideal place for you to buy your gifts. With a variety of curated jewelry, accessories, gifts and greeting cards, Tina’s Treasury is known for providing Londoners with the best gifts because of their one of a kind products for sale. 

Tina’s Treasury features great items from local Canadian artists, as well as products from Europe and around the world. Our gift idea of choice is their selection of handmade custom jewelry designed by award-winning artist Nancy Plourde. That way, you can give the gift of an entirely unique, handcrafted piece of jewelry, while also supporting community artists and commerce at the same time.

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2. Tea Samplers from the Tea Haus

The Tea Haus is a premium loose leaf tea merchant located upstairs at the Covent Garden Market. We may be biased here, but it really is the perfect spot to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the downstairs market to sit and relax for a cup of tea. If you’re not planning on staying for a drink, there are many different items to choose from that are perfect to add to your gift shopping list for tea lovers. 

With over 200 different teas to choose from, there is certainly no shortage of options. But if you can’t choose, why not gift a variety of tea samplers? It’s the best way for a friend or a family member to sample a variety of teas to see which ones they like best. The Signature Blends Sampler includes an herbal Wellness Tea, Goodnight Irene Herbal Tea, Coronation Street Black Tea, and Constant Comet Black Tea. However, if you know what kind of tea they like, try one of our other packages that include samplers of a specific flavour. The options range from black tea samplers, herbal tea samplers, and fall tea samplers.

Green Tea Sampler

3. A Chocolate Assortment from The Chocolate Factory

If you’re gifting someone with a major sweet tooth, The Chocolate Factory should be your first stop upon heading to the Covent Garden Market. The Chocolate Factory never overstocks and their wide array of sweets are produced daily making them extra fresh, extra chocolatey and extra delicious. Because they sell a wide variety of flavoured chocolates, we recommend grabbing a bag or a box and filling it a range of different flavours. Some of our favourites include mint, dark chocolate and peanut butter. If you don’t think gifting just chocolates is enough, then this is the perfect place to add a little bit of sweetness to supplement another gift idea. Whatever your decision may be, you won’t be disappointed by these luxurious, chocolatey treats.

Photo of The Chocolate Factory - London, ON, Canada. Dark chocolate tiramisu truffle

4. A Beautiful Piece of Art from A.R. Gillet’s Studio

Andrew Gillet is a local realist painter in the London community. His studio, located in the heart of Covent Garden Market, is where he showcases many of his paintings. Using traditional techniques with digital media, his artwork plays with perspectives, colour and the construction of images to make his paintings look vividly real. His wide range of thematic collections feature sports scenes and studies, vivid pop culture prints, local London scenery as well as portraits of animals, pets and people. With a variety of options to choose from, this a great gift for someone who loves art and is looking for a new great piece to add to their collection. For an example of Gillet’s style, check out his vision of Wharncliffe Road and Horton Street in London.

Image may contain: outdoor

5. A Custom Gift Basket From The Tea Haus

If you’re unsure what kind of tea-related item to buy as a gift, don’t fret! There are many other great gift ideas to choose from at The Tea Haus. Our shop contains a comprehensive collection of teaware, from pots, mugs and tea makers, to infusers, filters, travel accessories and more. If you’re having trouble choosing from our wide selection of teas and accessories, creating a custom gift basket is the perfect way to give a little bit of everything without having to decide what your gift receiver would like best. And the best part? You can tailor your basket to any tea lover’s taste. We’ll even make it gift-ready for you!

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If you can’t visit us in person at The Covent Garden Market, make sure to visit our online site to find the perfect holiday gift.

Shop now for gift ideas for the tea lover in your life.

Visit Us at the Covent Garden Market Today 

No matter where you end up shopping, the Covent Garden Market is an ideal place to shop, eat and support local businesses this holiday season. Happy hunting!

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