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6 Different Ways To Try Your Matcha Tea.

Posted on09/12/2016 by

Why We Love Matcha

Matcha is a long-standing traditional Japanese tea and has quickly become a popular “super-food” due to its nutrient-rich and nurturing properties. Matcha stands apart from many other loose leaf green teas due to its powdered consistency. Matcha is produced from the leaves of shade-grown tea and then ground into a fine powder with a hand mill. As opposed to being steeped, Matcha is actually mixed into water and ingested. There are Matcha accessories that allow for the original preparation; a Matcha bowl and whisk aid the mixing process. Matcha can provide a variety of benefits including:

  •            High in antioxidants
  •            Lowers bad cholesterol
  •            Contains dietary fiber
  •            Helps raise energy levels
  •            Detoxifies
  •            Foster a healthy immune system
  •            Tasty in many recipes


Here are 6 ways you can introduce Matcha Green Tea into your daily life:


1.  Matcha Green Tea Icecream


Mix up your traditional chocolate and vanilla flavours for a new pop of green. Whisking Matcha powder into a customary ice cream recipe can add an unexpected and fresh taste. In North America many of the recipes that recreate green tea ice cream are creamy and have a soft hint of Matcha. Traditional Japanese green tea ice cream recipes tend to have a much sharper and bitter taste. If you have access to an ice cream maker you should absolutely try out this recipe. 

2.  Matcha Banana Bread


Who doesn’t like a sweet, moist, cake-like bread that is socially acceptable to munch on for breakfast? Banana flavour has to be front and center, but you can add Matcha to your cast as a much-appreciated co-star. The bitter Matcha taste balances out the sweet and fruity taste of the banana. In short, they are perfect flavour partners and go perfectly with a cup of tea. Try out the simple recipe here. 


3.  Matcha Milkshake


This has to be one of the easiest ways to add Matcha into your routine. If you are accustomed to making fruit smoothies, ice cream-based milkshakes, or protein shakes after the gym, you can sprinkle in a tablespoon of Matcha powder to further enhance your beverage of choice. If you wish for Matcha to be the predominant flavour, mix a tablespoon of Matcha powder with 1 cup of ice and a sweetener of your choice (honey, sugar, maple syrup). Make the shake even creamier by adding a scoop of ice cream. Check out a variety of Matcha milkshakes here. 

4.  Matcha Latte


Sometimes it is a challenge to wake up and choose between the biting flavour of your morning coffee and the soothing taste of a hot cup of green tea. Matcha green tea also boasts a sharp flavour and can be prepared and sweetened like a traditional latte. You can prepare your cup of Matcha to bring the café feel to a traditional green tea. Simply bring ¾ cup of your choice of milk (almond, soy, rice, cow’s) to a simmer over medium-high heat. Pour 1 teaspoon of Matcha powder into your heat-proof mug, whisk ¼ cup of boiling water, and ¾ cup of the boiling milk together. Add a sweetener of your choice and enjoy. 


5.  Matcha Buttercream Icing


Desserts can be overpoweringly sweet. Often, you crave a sharp flavour to offset the intense smack of sugar. Using a Matcha buttercream icing to accessorize your baked goods not only adds a striking green pigment for visual appeal, it also contributes its original taste. Whip up your own green tea cupcakes with buttercream icing by checking out this recipe.


6.  Matcha Coconut Popsicles


Perfect for a summer treat. The tropical taste of coconut and the initially cutting, then lingering sweetness of Matcha green tea, fuse together for the most refreshing popsicle. Not only are coconut and Matcha tasty, they also possess more than a handful of benefits between the two. Infusing ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and delicious make this a justifiable dessert for any occasion. Get yourself a popsicle mold and then try this recipe at home.   

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