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The Top Four Detox Teas to Reset Your System

Posted on4 Years ago by

We have good news and bad news about detox teas. The good news is, integrating more detoxifying tea into your diet can boost antioxidants, support a healthy liver, and help cleanse toxins from your digestive system. The bad news is, no one food or drink can be the solution for losing weight, maintaining weight loss, or rectifying a sedentary lifestyle.

A detox tea is only medicinal and detoxifying if your diet is aligned. Eating foods that are gentle on your body, paired with the right detox tea, can help enhance your organs’ natural functions. The following teas are not solely enjoyed as detox teas. All of these teas can be sipped on for a variety of benefits, including: their energizing effects, their full aroma, their positive impact on the organs, and their distinct tastes.

1. The Energizing Organic Yerba Mate

A cup of Yerba Mate is the perfect alternative to a traditional morning mug of coffee. This tea from South America is known as an appropriate social drink, as it is energizing and stimulating. Unlike coffee, the energy boost supplied by Yerba Mate is more sustainable throughout the day and doesn’t come with the jitters.

Yerba Mate stimulates intestinal contractions and softens stools, thus generally helping to detox the body by controlling constipation and increasing the water loss from digestive movements, urination, and evacuation. Adding a cup of Yerba Mate to your day can improve regularity and cleanse the digestive tract.

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2. The Fat Metabolizing Jade Oolong

Jade Oolong is a stunning, rich green with the depth of colour comparable to a forest after a fresh bout of rain. The tea is imported from Taiwan and lightly oxidized to allow for a smoother taste and aromatic appeal. The benefits of this Oolong are just as rich as its colour.

Oolong tea has a different effect on the body than the traditional detoxifying teas. Oolong contains a higher level of concentration of polyphenols (otherwise known as tannins). These polyphenol components in oolong tea increases the body’s natural ability to dissolve triglycerides stored in fat making it easier to extract surplus from our system. Essentially, Oolong tea can help your body metabolize fat faster.

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3. The Healing Lemongrass

Lemongrass tea has widely been regarded as a detoxifying beverage, revered in India for its inherent medicinal properties and healing agents. Lemongrass is thought to cleanse impurifications from the liver, kidney, pancreas, and bladder. The herbal infusion is also said to soothe fevers and lower cholesterol in its drinkers.

Our lemongrass tea is grown in Taiwan and has the flavouring of lemon without the accompanied acidity. The drink is a natural diuretic, so it allows the digestive system to more easily flow waste and reset the organs.

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4. The Detoxifying Dandelion and Herb Root

Dandelion tea may be the most infamous for its detoxifying properties. Although the bitter taste may call for a teaspoon of honey or agave nectar, it’s sure to leave the body feeling rejuvenated. The blend of herbs and dandelion can detoxify the liver, bladder, and kidneys, as well as prevent urinary tract infections. The tea has also been shown to improve blood circulation, flow of digestion, water retention, and joint or pain caused by inflammation.

If those internal benefits aren’t enough, the tea has also been said to benefit skin conditions and promote radiant, glowing complexion. It’s caffeine-free, so unwinding with a cup before bed can allow your organs and digestive tract to spend the night soaking in the herbal goodness and preparing for the next day.

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It’s important to remember that although the inclusion of tea into your diet can provide many benefits, tea is never a solution on its own to ensure weight loss. If you are seeking to cleanse the body of toxicity or built up waste, it’s important to be mindful of your entire diet. Eat foods that are easily metabolized and gentle on the digestive system. Cut out sugary drinks such as pop or juice and drink one of the aforementioned teas as a cleansing substitute. Approach healthy lifestyle changes from a holistic perspective and opt to make positive changes to each part of your daily life.

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Lemongrass is native to India and is widely used in asian uisine. The list of benefits attributed to lemongrass is long. It may aid in the detoxification of liver, kidney, pancreas, bladder, fever reduction, reduction...
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