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Reme-Teas for Sick Days

Posted on5 Years ago by

The first week of December has us breaking out the snow shovels, powering up the movie marathons, and upping our Vitamin C intake to avoid the dreaded cold and flu. With the Christmas holidays on the horizon there is no time to be nursing sore throats, tending to headaches, and sleeping away the flu. This is why we have the perfect teas for the winter season. Find the right tea for your sick days and spend more time relaxing, resting, and recovering.

1. Wellness Tea

Helps with: Sore throat or cold

The Wellness Tea is a soothing blend of herbs and spices that are perfect for those days when your throat begins to ache, your nose feels stuffy, and your head is pounding.  As the winter months are upon is, we love having a go-to cold and flu tea in the cupboard. This tea is also caffeine-free, ideal for dozing off on your sick day and catching up on daytime television. The ingredients feature peppermint, fennel, rosehip, lemongrass, licorice root, cinnamon, pepper, and cardamon; they make for an aromatic and immune boosting blend.

2. All Weather Tea

Helps with: Cold symptoms

We have our comfort foods but what about our comfort teas? This blend is perfect for cold days when you have a hard time getting out of your cozy bed and braving the outdoors. The All Weather Tea comes from a traditional European recipe that combines eucalyptus, anise, fennel, malva, sunflower, peppermint, and licorice root. The flavours result in a refreshing and comforting fusion that will have you ready for the day (even if that day involves 2 ft of snow). Grab a cup when you feel cold symptoms creeping up on you, and pour a cup into a thermos so you can brave all weather on-the-go.

3. Arctic Spearmint

Helps with: Digestion, nausea, and headaches

This tea may not grow in the arctic, but the cooling effects of spearmint leaves offer the burst of fresh air you would imagine in the cold regions up north. The cut and sifted spearmint is fresh from Washington State. The Arctic tea is comprised of this special ingredient that has been valued for its ability to ease digestive problems, decrease feelings of nausea, relieve tension, and reduce headaches. This tea is a nice additive to an afternoon or after-dinner treat when you just need to unwind. The scent of fresh mint can also be the perfect wake up call, one that is much tastier than your morning toothpaste.

4. Chamomile Tea

Helps with: Sleepy sick day

This traditional bedtime tea is made from the fresh chamomile herb straight from Kroatia. We know that one of the best cures for our sicknesses is lots of sleep. This caffeine-free, sleep-promoting, and relaxing tea is also great for those days off when you need to catch up on rest and ditch the jittery caffeinated beverages. If you are a fan of apple spice or apple cider, you may also be a fan of chamomile. The chamomile herb closely resembles the scent and flavour of the apple. Brew an aromatic cup of this tasty tea in the evening for sweeter dreams.

5. Dandelion Herb & Root

Helps with: Improving blood circulation, digestion, water retention and joint pain/inflammation

The herb and root extracted from the dandelion can help to detoxify the liver, bladder and kidneys. This cut and sifted infusion has also been shown to improve blood circulation, help with digestion, retain water, and assist with joint pain and inflammation. The benefits are ongoing. Dandelion can benefit skin conditions and even act as a natural detoxifier. You can’t go wrong with a tea that boasts so many health benefits. This truly is a super-tea!  If you want to balance out the natural bitterness add a dash of honey or agave nectar.

Get Well Soon Teas

Laying back with a hot cup of tea makes fighting a cold a little bit easier. Whether you choose refreshing spearmint, soothing dandelion, or sleep-inducing chamomile, your body will thank you for the caffeine break and needed rest. If you are fighting a sickness on the go, make sure to bundle up and brew your tea in a travel mug. No one likes to be slowed down by sickness, so speed up recovery and enjoy a delicious cup of tea in the process.  

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