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How to Restore Balance in Life - With Meditation, Tea, and Self-Care

Posted on4 Years ago by

Entrepreneur. Student. Mother. Father. Business-owner. Yogi. Foodie.

No matter what you do, it’s inevitable that the days, weeks, and even years get hectic.

There are a variety of ways you can make sure you’re achieving balance in your life.
These include a combination of taking care of your physical health, mental health, and responsibilities.
Balance also involves enjoying the little things, relishing in solitude, celebrating family, unplugging, having less stuff, and tea.  

1.  Be grateful (and mindful) for your physical health.

Our health is one thing we take for granted until it’s compromised. In times of high stress, we often let our physical health fall by the wayside.
Allocate time for realistic breaks and engage in simple aerobics or strength training. 
Walk, run, or follow along to a Youtube yoga tutorial.
Staying active will refresh and enhance your energy levels so you can take on the rest of your to-do list.


2. Visit between the holidays.

Call your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, or whoever has felt neglected by your busy schedule. Better yet, plan a spontaneous visit without the holiday or birthday excuse. Show loved ones that your time together is a joy and not an obligation.


3. Don’t be a flake. Show up.

The best advice for maintaining a social life is to plan things and to show up to things. Don’t be the flakey friend.
Suggest plans and when you’re invited to plans, go! You don’t have to say yes to every weekend but you don’t have to say no every time either.

4. Work hard on work time.

When you’re at work make sure your mental energy is being channelled into work without distractions.
The Pomodoro technique is a time management method developed to enhance productivity.
The technique involves working for 25 min straight and following this with a 5 min break. After four sets of 25 min, you can take an additional 15-30 min break. Then start again!


5. Make ZZZ’s a priority.

Swap wasted time for more sleep. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night can boost productivity the next day and enhance concentration so you can be better in all you do. Your body gets accustomed to a sleep routine and contrary to popular  belief “catching up” on the weekend doesn’t make up for previous exhaustion. The only thing that catches up to you is your burn out and weakened immune system.     


6. Make mindless scrolling less of a priority.

Set the intention to spend less time on your mindless technology habits and more time on mindfulness.
Scrolling through social media or other forms of stimulating tech can stunt productivity, increase distractions, and heighten the risk for anxiety and depression. 
The Millennials may be the first generation to struggle with phone addiction and tech dependency.
Try to actively cut down on screen time to work on being present. Don’t be that friend texting at the dinner table.


7. Be with nature.

Science says nature makes us healthier and happier. A recent study found being in nature can actually reduce hypertension, improve vitality and mood, alleviate anxiety, and restore attention capacity and mental fatigue.

As human beings it should be obvious that recurrent daily exposure to the natural environment is healthy and leads to an improved quality of life. Get outside, escape the city, swim in a lake, get lost in a forest, enjoy the beautiful world.

8. Own less, do more.

Minimalism has recently gained considerable hype, for a good reason. Minimalism is simple. It means you live with less material things. 
This movement is meant to help people experience real freedom from the belief that buying more stuff will make you happy.
Ridding the excess, makes room for the necessary and allows for a deeper investigation into what we really need.
Owning less, allows you to do more, like a trip to Italy, a kickboxing class, a hot stone massage, a beautiful dinner, or a baseball game.

9. Rise. Meditate. Brush your teeth.

Start a new morning routine. When you meditate the beta waves decrease in your brain, meaning your brains stops rapidly processing information.
You end up more focused, less anxious, more creative, and more compassionate.
Meditation is like watching clouds pass through a clear sky without getting carried away with them.

You are that bright blue sky and your stressful, consuming, and even positive thoughts are those clouds.
Instead of ignoring or chasing them, simply watch them pass and sit in that mindfulness every morning.
Freedom from thoughts can be the simplest way to achieve true balance.  


10. Enjoy your solitude.

You should spend more time alone. Western culture tends to equate being alone with loneliness, sadness, or isolation.
Solitude actually helps
reboot your brain, improve concentration, solve problems, and even enhance your other relationships.
Work on the relationship with yourself first by fully disconnecting and being okay with just you.


Balancing Life and Tea

Tea helps keep us balanced. Adding a cup of tea to your day can help you stay alert but calm.
Tea can keep you energized without being overcaffeinated. Tea can be enjoyed with your loved ones or in your solitude.
Tea can balance. Check out our balance teas for whatever mood or taste you’re craving.


Vata Balance


Enhance creativity, mental quickness, be high energy.

Taste sweet, spicy, & floral.


Vata Balance

Kapha Balance

Combat fatigue and balance Kapha.

Taste richness of orange, robust ginger, & spicy licorice.


Pitta Balance

Cool down and relax.

Taste minty, sweet, & slightly tart.

Pitta Balance

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