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The Refreshing Loose Leaf Teas of Kenya

by The Tea Haus

Kenya boasts some of the highest quality black tea in the world. The taste of Kenyan tea has a distinct and acclaimed flavour and aroma. Tea is the top foreign exchange earner for the economy and 95% of the country’s tea is exported every year.  

Kenyan tea comes in different forms. The majority of Kenyan tea is blended with other teas and sold across markets worldwide. The most rare and reputable Kenyan tea is the purest form and in this form, Kenyan tea has been proven to have the highest concentration of antioxidants compared to any other tea on the globe.

As with other teas, production is a huge indicator of tea quality. Pure Kenyan tea is harvested carefully, handpicked, and processed with skill. The result is a bright coloured tea with a strong aroma.

A tea farm in kiambu.Photo/FILE

A tea farm in Kiambu (source: The Star)

Unique Kenyan Landscape

Kenya is home to some of the most distinct flavourful tea, largely as a result of its unique landscape. Kenya’s climate is ideal for the growth and processing of tea; the tropical heat, volcanic soil, and occasional rainfall all breed the perfect features for high-yielding vegetation.

Processing Kenyan Tea

The process to make Kenyan tea determines the purity and quality of the tea itself. The highest quality Kenyan tea is processed traditionally by picking the tender leaves by hand and allowing the enzymes to ferment. The processing of tea leaves is becoming increasingly automated in order to produce higher quantities and to enhance efficiency.

There are still smaller plantations that use the traditional method to produce the best quality Kenyan tea. About 60% of the tea in Kenya is produced by small-scale farmers.

The Taste of Kenyan Kambaa

Kenyan Kambaa is known for its strong taste. The tea is malty with light hints of currant. A cup of this tea can be best enjoyed with a splash of milk. This will create a bright golden infusion and make for a delicious breakfast tea to start the day.

Taste the tea the German way. A tradition originated in Germany that encourages Kenyan Kambaa tea drinkers to enjoy this tea in layers. Refrain from stirring up the freshly steeped cup and discover the transition of flavours with every sip.  

You Would like Kenyan Kambaa if You Like…

  • Strong coffee
  • Stouts
  • Bold flavours
  • Breakfast time
  • Milk in Tea

Try More Kenyan Teas

The following teas have a blend of Kenyan tea leaves in them. The majority of breakfast teas use Kenyan loose leaves because of the bold and strong taste. Kenyan tea is especially popular among Irish breakfast teas with milk and sugar.

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