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Teas That Spice Up Your Life

by The Tea Haus

People of the world, spice up your life! Spice is not just for 90’s girl bands. The fall season brings with it, a large selection of popular spicy flavours. We trade in the uber fruity, sweet, and citrus for the biting and savoury kick of spice. We have a spice for everyone. For those days when the trees are nearly naked without their leaves and the sky is a gloomy dark, sometimes all you need is a vitalizing sip of spice.

Pumpkin Spice

We see trends come and go. We have seen the popularity of wheatgrass shots, birthday cake liqueurs, and yes Lay’s even released a Cappuccino flavoured potato chip… but one trend that has taken over the beverage industry (and maybe every industry) is here to stay: pumpkin spice. This game-changer has reimagined the idea of dessert and turned a seasonal baked good into: pumpkin spice Lattes, pumpkin spice Krispy Kreme doughnuts, pumpkin spice Cheerios, pumpkin spice yogurt, you name it and it has been spiced. Here at The Tea Haus we have used the natural pumpkin spice flavour to create a new kind of Sri Lankan Orange Pekoe tea, you may not want to try a pumpkin spice chip but you most definitely won’t want to miss this delicious tea.

Chai Spice

Another spice sweeping the nation and stealing hearts and taste buds everywhere is the classic chai with a spicy twist. Our chai spice tea is made with the perfect balance of natural and fresh ingredients: cardamom, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, anise, ginger, and vanilla. The bitter and the sweet come together to result in a satisfying harmony. The taste of chai has been a popular addition to all-natural juices. Adding a splash of apple juice to a chai tea or chai latte can quickly turn the beverage into what tastes like a DIY apple cider.

Apple Spice

We are familiar with the term “comfort food”, now we have the perfect “comfort drink”; a warming black tea blend complimented by a natural apple cinnamon flavour, apple pieces, orange peel, and spices. It’s our apple spice tea! Don’t have time to roll out the dough for a homemade pie? We’ve got your back. Just roll out of bed and get your water boiling for a simple and satisfying fall classic. The sweetness of the fruit is evident but not overwhelming in the sugar department, and the cinnamon spice is like an aromatic garnish to tie the taste together.


Do you want the popular taste of cinnamon spice, sans-apple? The Cinnamon Spice tea has also been known as “Market Spice” and is a beautiful mix of Ceylon black tea, cinnamon and orange zest – makes for a sweet, spicy cup that is both delightfully smooth and aromatic. Sure we could enjoy an icing drizzled Cinnabon roll or a homemade cinnamon sugar-baked doughnut once and awhile, but unlike these baked goods, you can sip this tea throughout the day without a crippling stomach ache. You can even garnish your cup of tea with a fresh cinnamon stick!

Warm Up With Spicy Flavours

There is no reason to fret the cold weather approaching when you have a vast selection of both hot and spicy beverages to choose from. It doesn’t really feel like fall until you’ve had a taste of pumpkin, chai, apple, or cinnamon. We welcome you to try out all the fall flavours we have to offer before the time comes for peppermint.. but who are we kidding, teas can’t be limited to one season, we’ll be enjoying our apple spice on the beach next July.  

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