DIY Iced Teas To Cool Off With This Summer

How to Make the Perfect Summer Iced Tea

  1.     Select a delicious loose leaf tea.
  2.     Measure your selected loose leaf tea into an infuser.
  3.     Use twice as much tea that you would normally use for your hot cup.
  4.     Add boiling water.
  5.     Brew your tea for the regular recommended amount of time.
  6.     Remove the loose leaf tea.
  7.     Pour the hot, steeped tea over ice to seal in the flavours.
  8.     Serve and enjoy!

Pick Your Favourite Flavour

Iced Creamsicle Grapefruit Tea

This black tea is tart, tangy, and invigorating. The tea itself is extremely aromatic. The flavour of grapefruit immediately registers with every sip. In addition to natural grapefruit flavours, the tea also features hints of orange, which allows the iced tea to taste like a cold and refreshing creamsicle on a hot day. 

Tropical Mango Iced Tea

This premium Ceylon tea is a low sugar alternative to a thick mango smoothie. Avoid the sugar overload and the brain freeze by swapping for this tropical treat. This tea is grown in the island nation of Sri Lanka and brings the unique, aromatic mango flavours from its own unique flora and fauna. 

Summer Sangria Iced Tea

Relax on your patio with this contemporary summer sangria. Sans-alcohol, you can enjoy this beverage at any time of the day. A rich blend of dried orange fruit, cherry pieces, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, and flower petals, make this Chinese white tea a complex and palatable tasting experience.

Citrus Lime Fizz

This traditional lemon iced tea exudes the tartness of both lemon and lime with hints of apple and ginger. A summer favourite, with ingredients that beg to be iced. If you are fond of strong and citrusy fruit flavours you will be bringing this iced tea with you everywhere you go. 

The All-Canadian Blueberry

Start your morning off right with an iced tea that is packed with antioxidants and infused with flavour. The deep purple hue and powerful taste are not only healthy, but equally delicious. Canada is one of the largest national producers of this sweet highbush blueberry and you can experience it harvested, dried, and infused into a refreshing iced tea all summer.   

How to Enjoy the Perfect Summer Tea

Now the easy part! Whether you’re traveling and on the go, wrapping up the work week at your desk, or reclining on a patio, you can always appreciate a tasty summer iced tea. Knowing that the flavours exciting your taste buds come from all-natural ingredients like dried fruit, flower petals, ginger, and other tastes from around the globe, make you feel not only refreshed but healthy. Mix up your rou-tea-n by swapping your traditional hot cup for an iced infusion this summer.