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7 Floral Teas To Celebrate Summer

by The Tea Haus

Ahh, summer . . .

There are few things better than breathing in fresh sweet scents of flowers as we walk outside. But why stop at smelling the flora when there are so many flavoursome and refreshing floral tea options available to drink? From French Lavender to Japanese Cherry Rose, we’ve identified seven of the most delicious floral teas to try in celebration of the warmer weather.

1. Hibiscus Flower


Bright, bold, fruity and tart, a hibiscus tea iced tea is an excellent option for reigning in the summer heat. Plus, there are numerous health benefits of the hibiscus flower that still hold true when transformed and enjoyed as a tea. Used across the globe in medicinal practices, the health benefits of the hibiscus flower include:

– Manages Blood Pressure

– Lowers Cholesterol

– Protects the Liver

– Anti-Inflammatory and Antibacterial Properties

– Improves Digestion

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2. Sangria White Tea


Love the taste of a sweet sangria cocktail but want to avoid the alcohol? Try a sangria tea instead! A rich Chinese white tea that can be served either hot or cold is the perfect substitute to an alcoholic beverage. Sit back and relax on your patio with this blend of flower petals, dried orange fruit, cherry pieces, blueberries, blackberries, and cranberries, for a complex and palatable tea experience.

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3. English Garden

english garden

If you love Earl Grey, then you’ll love our English Garden tea that tastes similar to the classic blend but contains a floral twist. Jasmine flavours and green tea leaves are added in to help to accentuate the bergamot and black tea. Enjoy on its own, or with milk and/or sugar and savour all those sweet-scented notes and exotic flavours.

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4. French Lavender


While we never plan for stress to be a big part of our blissful summer plans, it might be an inevitable part of our lives. Next time you’re facing stress or anxiety, turn to lavender tea. Known for its calming and relaxing properties, lavender tea has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to boost mood and enhance calm. The scent of lavender induces chemical reactions in the brain that help you unwind. Put your feet up and drink to rest and relaxation with lavender tea. As an added bonus, lavender tea is also calorie-free. That means it’s a flavourful, yet healthy alternative to sugary packaged drinks.

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5. Honeybush Coronation St


Another soothing, caffeine-free herbal option is this Honeybush Coronation St infusion from the wild region of Cape Town, South Africa. Honeybush teas boast of numerous health benefits, including boosting immunity, improving metabolism, anticancer properties, menopausal relief, and diabetes regulation. With a slightly sweeter taste, and mild citrus orange flavour to a Rooibos, you can swap your basic evening chamomile or peppermint for this new sweet treat. Also try our fruit flavoured Orange Honeybush and Sweet Peach Honeybush for that extra edge.

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6. Kyoto Cherry Rose Organic

rose organic

Wake up and smell the roses everyday with our cherry rose infused tea. Inspired by the cherry blossom season in Japan, where the cherry blossoms are often added to green tea, Kyoto Cherry Rose tea blends sencha style green tea, rose petals, and natural cherry flavours to perk you up on a summer morning. Enjoyable both hot and iced, you’ll be instantly refreshed and rejuvenated by the rich, sweet flavour of cherry and roses.

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7. Flowering Teas

flowering tea

It’s hard to get much more floral than this: instead of a tea bag, you have a ball formed out of tea leaves and flowers bound together. When steeped, the ball expands and unfurls in a process that emulates a blooming flower. Enjoy not only a tasty cup, but also a beautiful piece of art unfold before your eyes. Our set of four different flowering teas include:

Volcano Flower Burst

Made of china green tea leaves with hibiscus, amaranth, and lavender; contains lemony notes and a honey-like sweetness.

Camellia Rose

Made from black tea, rose bud, lavender petals, and camellia blossoms; provides an exquisite medium body with hints of fruit and sweet floral notes.

Delirium Blossom Blooming

Includes green tea, amaranth, calendula blossoms and osmanthus petals handcrafted in the Yunnan province in China.

Jasmine Balls

Made with spring green leaf, scented with fresh jasmine, and hand tied silvery leaves that unfurl into a chrysanthemum like shape when infused to make a light, sweet, and smooth beverage.

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