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5 Teas to Replace Your Traditional Dessert Dish

by The Tea Haus

We all know how it feels when a craving strikes. Everyone has their weakness, whether it’s fried food, baked goods, or a rich bar of chocolate. We may not have a french fry tea to settle those greasy cravings but we do have the perfect tea to replace your favourite traditional desserts. Next time you’re reaching for the last cookie, warm up a hot cuppa and feel your cravings melt away. Which dessert best suits your cravings?  

Craving: Chocolate Bar With A Kick

Solution: Chili Chocolate Tea

This exotic mix combines the richness and warmth of chocolate with a kick of spicy flavour. Mixing a dash of milk into this tea allows for a creamier and more full-bodied taste. If you have been trying to ease up on the chocolate consumption but are fighting the strong desire for a fix then you can turn to this tea. If you are hungry for chocolate in the evening, but want to avoid being wired on the highly caffeinated splurge, swap this post-dinner dessert for tea and rest easy.

Craving: Chocolate Mint Candy

Solution: Chocolate Mint Tea

Refreshing and delightful! We love this combination and the dessert companies know it. Peppermint patties, After-Eights, mint-chocolate chip ice cream, and even the famous mint chocolate Girl Guide Cookies. Saying no to these treats can be a test of our will power especially when they are literally knocking at our doors. Don’t fear, we have chocolate-mint tea at the ready; satisfying cravings becomes a little bit easier with every sip. This delicious black tea gives you a blend of smooth and creamy flavours without all the added sugar! Feel good about your dessert choice in this perfect tea.

Craving: Coconut Macaroon

Solution: Coconut Tea

As a coconut lover this chewy, moist, and crispy treat can act as the perfect fix for those unique tropical cravings. When you don’t have the time to whip up a batch of macaroons, steep the fresh leaves of this Ceylon black tea and enjoy a cup of coconut flavour. This loose leaf blend includes coconut shred, natural coconut flavour, and Ceylon. You certainly won’t regret indulging in this cuppa.

Craving: Toffee

Solution: Creme Caramel Tea

The caramelized sugar, molasses, and butter that results in a crackly, crunchy, or gooey childhood treat may not be what the dentist recommended at your last visit. You can save your teeth and the potential cavities by trading out toffee for the unique Creme Caramel tea. This South-African Rooibos caramel pieces and natural caramel flavour to give you the desired velvety sweet notes. This tea is decaf to save you both the sugar rush and the jitters that high-sugar and highly-caffeinated desserts can leave you with. Enjoy natural sweetness at any time of the day!

Craving: French Vanilla Ice Cream

Solution: French Vanilla Tea

If you are a coffee lover or a dessert fanatic, vanilla is probably one of your favourite additives for a sweet infused taste. Accenting a warm pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or mixing a french vanilla creamer into a cappuccino can be the ultimate taste of richness and simplicity. This taste of french vanilla is available in many forms, including a hot cup of tea. The French Vanilla tea is a both mellow and invigorating premium black tea with the natural creamy flavour for vanilla enthusiasts. Enjoy your own high tea party with the tea that is reminiscent of a French pastry and make sure to add milk and sugar to your preference.   

Treat Yourself

Don’t deprive yourself of the treats you love! Make sure to indulge and enjoy your cravings every once and awhile while complementing them with a hot cup of tea. If you are taking a break from the sweets then know that there are healthy and flavourful options available to you at any time. Make your selection of loose leaf tea a pick-me-up for those times you open the cupboard at night and feel an itch towards chocolate, coconut, caramel, vanilla, or any other tempting tastes. Tea is not only beneficial because of its hydrating, natural, or sugar-free components, it also allows for a great variety. Come indulge in sweets with us at the Afternoon at Covent Garden events if you would like an event greater selection of tea and treats.

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