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5 Teas to Help Structure Your Day While Working from Home

by The Tea Haus

Ahh, tea. It has the ability to calm us down, energize our minds, curb our cravings, and continue to warm our hearts (both literally and figuratively). 

Here at The Tea Haus, it’s no surprise that we’re turning to our beloved and trusted teas to bring us joy and peace of mind in these challenging times. 

If you’re like us and a little lost with the lack of structure in your new work-from-home setup, read on to bring some normalcy back into your life with this daily tea drinking schedule. 

1. Early Morning Energy: Blend 1845

Let’s borrow from British custom and start our morning off with a cup of rich black tea!

Our Blend 1845 not only packs an effective caffeine punch, but it also has a citrusy taste due to its grapefruit flavouring. This makes it very complimentary to breakfast foods. 

Fun fact: we actually created this blend in celebration of our store’s home in the Covent Garden Market. The ingredients used to honour and reflect the essence of the market’s heritage. This unique blend is formulated with the finest Ceylon OP and blended with grapefruit and bergamot.

So, while you can’t physically go out and visit the market at the moment, you can bring the market home to you through the classic, nostalgic taste of this blend!

If you’re ready to wake up and get to work, shop our Blend 1845 online here

Late Morning Mini Boost: Mukoujima Sencha

Okay, it’s not quite lunch yet, but you’ve been up and going for a couple of hours and are starting to get those midday cravings. 

We suggest trying the Japanese green tea Mukoujima Sencha around this time. It has lower caffeine content, so you won’t be going overboard after your early morning black tea. Green teas are also known for their metabolism-boosting properties, which will work to burn calories when lunchtime comes around. 

With this particular tea, every infusion allows you to discover subtle differences and adjust the intensity of its flavour:

  • The first infusion is a light green colour with full-body, sweet undertones and a hint of umami (savoury) in taste.
  • The second infusion is a beautiful and rich dark green that brings out the umami.
  • And the third infusion is the brightest green that leaves you with a sweet aftertaste. 

Take your mid-morning break with the Mukoujima Sencha green tea here

Afternoon Pick Me Up: Organic Darjeeling

When that time around 2:00 or 3:00 PM hits, it’s definitely time for another caffeine hit. And that’s when we recommend breaking out the Organic Darjeeling. 

Darjeeling tea has a moderate amount of caffeine, which helps ward off the afternoon slump, but it isn’t overly stimulating to the point that it will prevent sleep at night. 

This luxurious blend often called the “champagne of teas” is thin-bodied with a musky-sweet spice. Its lightly-coloured infusion with a floral aroma makes it less astringent than other black teas, but more layered and complex than a green tea. 

To get your afternoon caffeine kick, shop the Organic Darjeeling blend here

Early-Evening Wind Down: Creamy Oolong

The early evening — that time when you’re almost done with your work but still have a couple of tasks left to take care of — is the perfect time to turn to an Oolong tea. 

While Oolong still contains caffeine, it doesn’t have the same buzzing effect of other teas. Its effect is actually more relaxing, making it a good choice when you want to start to wind down. That said, it is important to take notice of how the caffeine in Oolong affects you before making it a staple of your evening routine. With our loose leaf teas, you can choose to put in a smaller portion in order to reduce your caffeine intake.

This premium Oolong has a smooth, creamy flavour that leaves you with an almost vanilla-like finish.

Fun fact: Oolongs tend to improve in flavour and body in latter infusions, so try making multiple infusions. 

When it’s time to unwind and get some peace of mind, shop for the Creamy Oolong blend here

Nighttime Sweet Treat: Honeybush Sweet Peach

Now we’re going to wrap up the day with a sweet after-dinner dessert-like treat: the Honeybush Sweet Peach tea. 

This caffeine-free herbal infusion from South Africa is a great option for your new nighttime ritual to end your day off on a sweeter, satisfying note. This mix pairs the subtle natural sweetness of Honeybush with the fruitiness of peaches to make a delicious combination. It has a smooth gentle flavour with a slightly fuller body than a rooibos blend. 

This blend also has an array of health benefits that will help you:

  • Combat nerves 
  • Get your digestion moving
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Soothe sensitive skin

Get ready to curl up tonight with your final sweet herbal cup here

Get Premium Loose-Leaf Tea Delivered To Your Doorstep!

While working from home can present a number of challenges, let’s look on the bright side and remember that we now finally have easy access to our full home tea collection! No need to bust out the travel mug or spend a premium at coffee shops. And, taking time to engage in the satisfying ritual of brewing a batch of tea can be just what you need to take a break from work and re-focus. 

And to help you get your hands on these amazing teas, our online store is still up, running and ready to deliver. 

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