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5 Loose Leaf Teas That You Can Enjoy Hot or Cold This Summer

by The Tea Haus
hot or iced tea

When it comes to choosing which loose leaf teas to stock up on for summer, it’s a safe bet to turn to blends that you can enjoy both hot and cold. And with the weather we’ve been having so far — unbearably hot and humid one day, but windy with a chill the next, you’ll want to be prepared for everything. In order to make the decision easier, we’ve rounded up the best versatile blends at The Tea Haus that work wonderfully served both steaming hot and iced cold!

1. Mugicha

mugicha hot or iced tea

Mugicha tea is made from roasted barley — yes, you read that right. And while we admit it’s a bit of an acquired taste, hear us out! If you’re not a big sweet tooth and are a fan of oolong tea, chances are you will really like Mugicha.

Mugicha has a toasty taste, with slightly bitter undertones. It’s more savoury than sweet, due to the unhulled barley that’s roasted until caramel-hued.

While you can still enjoy Mugicha hot, it’s best known for its cold brew form. On a hot, summer day in Japan, you can find just about everyone drinking cold brew Mugicha tea. An extremely refreshing, cooling beverage, Mugicha will immediately quench your thirst, in a way iced water simply can’t.

Making Mugicha is extremely easy. To learn how to make the perfect iced Mugicha tea for summer, check out our recipe here

And because Mugicha is caffeine-free, it can be enjoyed by all, at any time. At night, you can use it as a sleeping aid as it contains melatonin, which helps induce relaxation, as well as tryptophan, which aids in sleeping. 

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2. Strawberry

strawberry hot or cold tea

Mmm mmm strawberries: fruity, sweet, juicy, with a tiny hint of acidity. They also happen to be delicious both hot and cold. While we can maybe more obviously imagine this blend iced, similar to the way we usually eat strawberries, try to think of a warm strawberry pie to help envision it hot. 

Made with dried strawberries, strawberry leaves, and strawberry flavour to really get the strawberry essence, this blend is balanced with a Ceylon Orange Pekoe base to create a subtle, fruity black tea. 

Since our Strawberry Tea is a black tea, not a herbal tea as you might expect, it holds a medium amount of caffeine. This makes it the perfect blend to turn to when you’re craving something fruity, but also when you need a quick boost to get back to work

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3.  Mango Fruit Tea

mango fruit tea

If you still want something sweet, but don’t want the caffeine that comes in our Strawberry blend, try this Mango Fruit tea!

It’s a marvellous mango-y fruit tisane made with apple cubes, hibiscus, rosehip, elderberries, orange peel, safflower petals, and natural mango flavour. 

It’s a great blend for iced tea…or even popsicles. In fact, many customers tell us that it makes the perfect popsicle for the kids. Try adding a sprig of fresh mint to really make a statement!

The Mango Fruit blend is equally good hot, however, especially with a little hint of honey! 

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4. Hibiscus

hibiscus hot or cold tea

Now, you may have heard of hibiscus tea before, and that’s because it’s extremely popular! 

Just like its bold, bright red colour, Hibiscus tea has a tart taste that leaves an immediate impression. Its flavour profile is still quite fruity and sweet but offset with sour and astringent notes. Many people often compare the tea’s sweet, yet pleasantly tart flavour to cranberries.

Iced: it’s a great swap for traditional soda drinks due to its delicious all-natural flavouring and it boasts an impressive array of health benefits for its drinkers. Check out our recipe for Hibiscus iced tea here

Hot: who needs dessert when you’ve got a warm cup of a deeply flavourful, fruity tea?

Enjoy it iced on a hot summer afternoon or in the evening warmed, as Hibiscus tea is completely caffeine-free. 

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5. Creamy Oolong

creamy oolong

Smooth and creamy in flavour, this premium Oolong has an almost vanilla-like finish.

If you’re new to Oolong tea, think of it as the tea that falls in between green and black tea. It’s made from the same plant used to make green tea and black tea, and it’s only partially oxidized (while green teas are lightly oxidized and black teas are fully oxidized). 

This particular Oolong makes for a good choice of tea, either hot or cold. Iced, it’s very refreshing, and only semi-sweet, unlike some of our previous fruity examples. Hot, it’s soothing and subtly rich in flavour. It’s important to note that Oolongs tend to improve in flavour and body in latter infusions, so try making multiple infusions.

Creamy Oolong has a low to medium amount of caffeine, but it doesn’t have the same buzzing effect of other teas with a similar level of caffeine.

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Prioritize Practicality with Teas That Can Be Enjoyed Hot or Cold

At the end of the day, having a handy store of loose leaf teas for whatever the weather calls for is just practical planning! 

And while most of us can figure out how to steep and serve these teas hot, refer to our guide to making iced tea for the exact steps to follow when it might not be as obvious.

Now, let’s get steeping! Whether it’s a hot, sunshine-filled day, or a cool brisk evening, we’ve got the perfect blend for every occasion. And while these five tea blends are our most popular versatile options, we still have over 200 unique blends and combinations for you to choose from. 

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