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I got this as a sample (I love how you can request samples with your order!) My brother let me know that he really enjoyed this tea. It is sweet, and to my surprise, it had a lovely citrus smell. I would highly recommend this tea if you are like me and love sweet teas, but do not like tart flavours very much. A clean, beautiful apple tea with a lovely scent.
Turkish Apple Tea 2 Month  ago
Never had a Japanese black before so bought 50g for a trial run when it was on sale. Very nice, mild flavour. Perfect for my late morning/lunchtime cuppa. Definitely do not want to oversteep this one, especially the first cup. Next order, I bought 100g, needless to say. Probably going to be a "regular" for me.
lunch mild
Wakoucha 2 Month  ago
Love this tea! I got it as a sample with my recent order. Wonderful flavor! A bit of cinnamon, not too much, perfect! Managed to get three cups of tea out of the sample, three wonderful cups! I am going to order this one, just the right flavor for upcoming holiday season! Thank you so much for this tea!
Apple Spice 2 Month  ago
I got this one as a free sample in my last order, I will for sure be buying it again! I love that it doesn't have any added sugar.
Turkish Apple Tea 2 Month  ago
I cannot start my day without a cup of this tea. It is predictable, smooth, and dependable. I know what I'm getting with each sip and there are no surprises when I brew my cup in the morning. If a tea could be a friend, this tea would be your best friend. Perfect for reading books, enjoying your early morning, or Zoom calling your friends for tea time. This tea is the best!
I love this tea in the morning, it is sweet and rich.
English Caramel 2 Month  ago
This was a very exciting find, the beautiful colours make a lovely tea. As a mainly black tea lover, I didn't even notice this was green the first few sips. Happily reordering!
Dragon Blend 2 Month  ago
Honestly the best tea I've had, I've recommended it to many friends who also love it (even the non-tea drinkers!). As a forgetful tea drinker, the fact I can let this over steep and know that it will still taste delicious is very welcome. It's lovely to drink when you're a little over full or need something sweet, I've had it at all times of day and love every sip.

If you're only going to buy one tea, let it be this one!
light minty refreshing sweet
"Astringent" is a good word for this tea. Even with milk, it is really dark and has that bitter edge to it. I'll stick with my beloved English Breakfast. This strong tea is not for me.
Really Strong
Yorkshire Gold 2 Month  ago
We buy two advent boxes every year - one for us and one for our nephew (who kindly shares the pots of tea with his family) - and then we have fun each rating the daily tea. It is always interesting to see which one of us likes which of the teas. There has always been a good variety of black/green/oolong teas, tisanes and rooibos. While our preference continues to be black or oolong tea, this is a fun way to try some of the others. We look forward to continuing our tradition for years to come.
floral notes, reminds me of a good darjeeling with less tannin
I cant start my weekday mornings without a cup of earl grey. I love all the earl greys that I have tried from the Tea Haus - but this one is a strong favourite! Its a repeat order for me
if you are looking for an excellent jasmine green tea this is the one for you. Lovely flavour, no bitterness, beautiful colour. Defintely my favourite green tea.
Jasmine China Green 1 Months  ago
Beautiful black tea; where have you been my entire life?? Highly recommended for the tea aficionado/connoisseur! Great any time of day, and black, though I expect it would take milk well.
Bold Great Value Malty
Keemun 1 Months  ago
Great value for a top notch Japanese sencha. Buy lots! It could become your go to green.
Came as a free sample with my last order. Wow. An amazing herbal which I will add to my collection! Love the samples and bc a great promotional idea!
Baked Apple 1 Months  ago
This is my favourite among all the wonderful black teas at the Tea Haus. It has a wonderful taste and takes milk very well.
Organic Ceylon 1 Months  ago
Perhaps the most universal and versatile way to steep tea and reduce the fines that pass through most tea mesh balls, or infusers. Only a paper filter removes more fines. Works it most teacups, mugs or teapots with a 6 cm diameter or larger. The fine hole size keeps fine teas like English or Irish breakfast out of the pot or cup. Included cap also doubles as a drip saucer after steeping has completed. Overall dimensions of strainer without the cap are 9.8cm x 6.4cm high (cap adds ~1 cm)
May not be the most amazing flavour but this tea is part of my night time routine. I have a hard time staying asleep but after a cup of Goodnight Irene before bed, I'm out. The Valerien root really mellows you out and eases your mind.
Goodnight Irene 3 Week  ago
This creates a great cup of tea - the taste is subtle but sublime. It's like matcha but lighter, mellower, with a less creamy mouth-feel, which makes it perfect for starting your day.

My parents grew up in a traditional East Asian tea culture - they noted the quality of the tea when they tasted this, and were a little surprised this could be bought from a local store in Canada.



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