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Like nothing I\'ve ever tried before. Splendid after-taste. I don\'t dare add anything into it (I usually don\'t add anything to any of my teas anyhow). A cup of this is the best addition to a bubble bath :)
Pitta Balance 4 Year  ago
I drink this tea almost every day, it\'s one of my staples.
Pitta Balance 4 Year  ago
I drink this tea almost every day, it\'s one of my staples.
Pitta Balance 4 Year  ago
Loved this blend. A nice black tea with a bit of a floral accent
Buckingham Palace 4 Year  ago
Love this blend! Such a nice blend of flavours. A big hit at a bridal shower we hosted. A nice contrast to the black teas we had.
Ice Dance Blend 4 Year  ago
All I can say is yum. I have had other vanilla blends before but this one is a rich, full bodied vanilla. So nice
French Vanilla 4 Year  ago
The taste of blueberry with a hint of orange... just perfect!!! One of my many favorites :)
Blueberry Tea 4 Year  ago
Really good. Tastes like Davidtea's Forever Nuts but costs just over half the price. I love drinking this as a latte! Dessert in a cup.
Nuts and More 1 Years  ago
Really good! Nice to drink in the mornings with milk & sugar.
English Garden 1 Years  ago
I only started drinking flavoured black teas from Teahaus. Every tea is as described and this one really had me hooked. I enjoy it black and I will try it as an iced tea in the summer of 2020. This tea will always be my go-to tea during the day.
Lemon Grove 1 Years  ago
Definitely one of my favourite teas. Refreshing. The rose and cherry blossom is subtle. Will always buy.
I was skeptical about a decaf tea tasting good. This tea delivers on flavour. My first order was a tiny bag and now 200g will always be part of the order. Thank you for another clean tasting tea.
This was a lovely surprise. I never had flavoured green tea before. Our first time and it is a household hit. Lovely scent and colours in the bag and even better while steeping. Smooth and awakens the taste buds.
Nice surprise
Dragon Blend 11 Month  ago
I am looking to cut the caffeine and this one is a great way to do it. My favourite combo ginger and peach. You taste it in each cup.
White Ginger Peach 11 Month  ago
I love this tea! It's naturally sweetened and comes out a beautiful red-pink colour because of the beets. It tastes as good as it smells. With no caffeine it is the perfect tea for anytime of the day. It is heavier than a lot of teas because of the ingredients so BUY MORE because you'll go through it quick. 5/5
Delicious Sweet
Nuts and More 11 Month  ago
Really the only Oolong I now buy, and I buy it by the half kilo. First class Oolong at a bargain price.
Iron Goddess Oolong 11 Month  ago
Amazingly satisfying. And this coming from someone who generally avoids flavoured teas. Can be infused twice also, with NBC a weaker but bc still good result.
Cinnamon Spice 11 Month  ago
I can't get enough of this tea. If I am offering a cup to others, all I have to do is open the bag and give them a whiff and they are all in. After the first sip, they are hooked. If I am drinking a cup when my husband is around, I need to make him a cup as well or my cup will soon become his. Great flavour. So rare to taste grapefruit in tea with such a pure taste of the fruit. Please continue to make it for us!!
Highly recommend!
Blend 1845 11 Month  ago
I recently found this green tea and just love it, the rice gives it a great delicious toasty flavour. Highly recommend
Genmaicha 10 Month  ago
I loved the smoothness of this tea. I do love the ingredients as individuals and put together they make a lovely tea. So far teas with calendula in it go over well with me.
Peach Apricot 10 Month  ago



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