5 Delicious Ways to Cook with Tea

5 Delicious Ways to Cook with Tea

5 Delicious Ways to Cook with Tea

Cook Up Something New

Bored of the same old recipes and routines? There may be an ingredient sitting in your kitchen that you haven’t tried yet, tea! Tea leaves, ground tea, and matcha tea powder can all be used in sweet or savoury recipes for added flavour. Make your plate a little more interesting with the integration of this new ingredient.

1. Swap your stock

If you’re cooking grains, heating rice, or simmering quinoa, you can mix up the directions by subbing tea for stock. If a recipe calls for vegetable, chicken, or beef stock, use a lightly brewed tea and either replace the stock or add the tea in addition to stock. This allows for a little variety in flavour. Start your green tea soup and check the suggestion below for the perfect noodle addition.

2. Make your own pasta

Try out a homemade pasta recipe and work matcha green tea powder into the dough. Not only will this add a tasty flavour, it will also produce a beautiful light green hue. This vibrant pasta is best for noodles in a traditional Japanese soup. A good start would be testing out these Handmade matcha udon noodles.

3. Flavour meats

Rub it in and roll it around. Take a little salt, garlic, and brown sugar and mix in a tablespoon of savoury tea leaves. This custom taste will add something special to the traditional steak or ribs. You can infuse different meats with different teas. Use a smoked tea such as ground Lapsang Souchong that is naturally infused with flavour, and rub the leaves onto a flank of steak with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Guests will be asking about your secret ingredient!

4. Go cookie crazy

Offset the sweetness of shortbread with matcha green tea. Matcha can be mixed into dough to add a kick to the classic cookie. Your next tea party just got a lot better with this unexpected addition. Check out these Chocolate dipped matcha shortbread cookies!

5. Premium Tea Leaf Salad

Premium Japanese green teas can be steeped and enjoyed in a classic cuppa. After the leaves have already been steeping, the texture turns as soft as silk. The premium Japanese teas tend to boast a softer texture than that of the Chinese green teas as a result of their processing. Take the soft leaves and try them with bonito flakes and soya sauce. You can also sprinkle the leaves into a salad of your choice and enjoy the unique flavours!

Get Creative In The Kitchen

Put your favourite album on, pour yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy an evening of creative cooking! You probably have tea leaves sitting in your cupboard and haven’t thought of adding them into your traditional recipes. Take our suggestions or experiment with your own. Make sure to stock up on your top teas.

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