Why is the First Flush of Darjeeling Considered the Champagne of Teas?

Why is the First Flush of Darjeeling Considered the Champagne of Teas?

Why is the First Flush Darjeeling Considered the Champagne of Teas?


Darjeeling: The Astonishing Town and Tea

Darjeeling is not just a tea. Darjeeling is a town in India’s West Bengal state.
The town sits right in the Himalayan foothills and promises a breathtaking view.

The black tea named after the location is grown on plantations surrounding the slope of the mountain.
If you were to visit the plantation your view would be that of one of the highest mountain peaks in the world: Mount Kanchenjunga.


In days when the sky is clear and clouds are sparse you can even make out Mount Everest in the distance.
The town is also famous for the “Toy Train”, a tourist attraction and iconic railway that loops through the hills and countryside.


A town this outstanding must produce an impressive selection of tea right?
Darjeeling tea is a thin-bodied, light-coloured floral tea with a hint of musk and a spicy kick.
The taste is as diverse as the landscape it grows in.

Image source: swantour.com

Image source: swantour.com

Why We Blush For The First Flush

The first flush of Darjeeling has been referred to by tea lovers as “the Champagne of teas”.
At The Tea Haus we call it “
Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope First Flush.” The first flush is mild and appealing.

This tea is celebrated by tea connoisseurs, prized by its place of origin, and even enjoyed by those who claim “tea just isn’t their thing.”
No one can resist tea this good.


Darjeeling is the most prized and exclusive tea yielded from India, and yet only produces 1% of India’s total tea output.
This tea is considered extra exclusive because it’s unique to this region in India.


Champagne is also revered because of its grapes grown and harvested exclusively in a specific region of France.
In many countries, it is actually illegal to label a product “Champagne” unless it comes from this region and is produced under Champagne’s designated rules. This further explains the common comparison. If you didn’t know, now you know.

Image source: planetden.com

Source image: planetden.com

The Taste People Talk About

The first flush is the most delicate of the harvest. This makes the flavours light, fresh, and floral. This flush is simply better.
The tea is picked in early spring and less oxidized than other teas during the harvest process.
The tea appears more green in colour when the flush is young and fresh.

Taking Care of Your Flush

If you’re investing in the rare and prized first flush of darjeeling it’s important you ensure it is well cared for.
Make sure to store the tea in an opaque, airtight container in a cool and dark place.
Keep the tea away from light, away from moisture, and away from other spices or coffee beans that could taint the original smell and flavour.

Limited Supply

Unfortunately, due to the high demand and low quantity of the first flush of darjeeling, we have a limited supply at The Tea Haus.
This year we have 1 kg of “Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope First Flush.”
Place your order here if you are interested in trying “the Champagne of teas.”

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