The Beauty of Blooming Tea

The Beauty of Blooming Tea

The Beauty of Blooming Tea

What is Blooming Tea?

Blooming teas are beautiful and unique artisan teas that flower as you steep them. The teas come in a small dry sphere of dried leaves and tisane. When the ball of tea is dropped into steaming water you can watch as it unfurls and blooms before your eyes. We highly recommend using a glass teapot to steep your blooming teas so that you don’t miss the delicate beauty of your tea as it blooms.


How are Blooming Teas Made?

Flowering teas are beautiful pieces of art. They are handmade by binding tea leaves and flowers together into a ball. The blooming teas are often made from fuchsias, roses, lilies and many others varieties. The process involves flattening strips of white or green tea leaves and then sewing them into a round ball. The flowering ball is baked for 20-30 minutes on low heat. The whole process can take up to a day.


The History of Blooming Teas

The origin of blooming teas is not completely clear. These flowering teas have been seen to date back hundreds of years and are thought to originate from the Yunnan province in the far southeast of China, known for several different types of tea including Pu-erh. Flowering tea continues to be a popular modern artisan creation.


Watch the Blooming Tea in Action 



Try Our Set of Four Flowering Teas


Blooming teas are not only wonderful because of their exotic and magical beauty, they can be infused 2-3 times and continue to deliver a strong flavour. Our set of four flowering teas include:

  • Volcano

  • 3 Flower Burst

  • Jasmine Balls

  • Camellia Rose

Try out our blooming teas today >>

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