All About Dunoon Mugs

All About Dunoon Mugs

All About Dunoon Mugs

You may have seen the beautiful, original, and eye-catching mugs we sell here at The Tea Haus. These Dunoon mugs fly off our shelves every year and are known for their quality and strength. But where do these mugs come from? Why are they so special? And what is Dunoon Bone China?

Learn more about Dunoon’s origins in England, the manufacturing process, and the legacy that we are proud to be a part of selling. We have a similar philosophy as Dunoon in providing the best quality products tea and mugs alike.


The History of Dunoon Mugs

Gordon Smith founded Dunoon Ceramics Ltd. after recognizing the need for quality stoneware mugs that were user friendly and original. Dunoon is a thriving family business which began manufacturing its high-quality mugs in 1974 in the first factory in Scotland. Orders began to flow in after Dunoon featured 72 newly fired kiln at the Highland Trade Fair in Scotland. Soon Dunoon began selling mugs globally to quality retailers. Dunoon is currently supplying mugs to over 60 countries around the world. We are the only retailer supplying quality Dunoon Bone China in southern Ontario.

Gordon Smith, founder of Dunoon Ceramics Ltd.

The Stone, Staffordshire factory in 1982


How Dunoon Bone China is Made

Dunoon Bone China believes in skilled craftsmanship and exceptional quality. The Dunoon philosophy revolves around producing the highest quality mugs that are manufactured with the greatest care. Dunoon is made from Fine Bone China clay from Cornwall, South West England which contains 50% crushed animal bone to give mugs a translucency, bright whiteness, and strength. The mugs are made in 12 essential steps.





Mould making

Plaster moulds are made


Slip making

Slip is mixed up



The slip is used to fill the moulds, a process called casting, excess slip is drained from the mould


Opening the moulds

The moulds are opened and the mug is taken out



The dry clay mug is sponged by hand to remove imperfections



The handle which has been cast separately is then glued to the mug body with the aid of extra slip. The mug is cleaned again and placed in to the kiln



The first firing is in the Biscuit kiln where the mugs are fired over 11 hours at a temperature of 1220°C



The Biscuit mugs are inspected and any imperfections are ground off with a sanding belt



The biscuit mugs are then polished in a vibro mill



Glaze is applied by hand dipping, Once dry the glazed
mug is fired for a second time
over 7 hours at 1080°C



The mug design is printed as a transfer called a litho which is applied to the mug with a squeegee.


Enamel firing

Once the transfer is applied
the mug has a final firing
at 825°C


The Dunoon Products

The Dunoon company produces a large selection of mugs, teapots, saucers, and more. We sell 13 different kinds of Dunoon Teaware.


Dunoon Garden Flowers 'Poppies'

Style : Iona

Name: Garden Flowers ‘Poppies’

Description: The impressionist style feature on this Dunoon mug is designed by the watercolour artist Emily Ball. The ravishing red of the poppy that encircles the mug, is repeated on the base, and detailed inside the rim. This mug is truly a spectacular work of art.

Style: Teapots

Name: Wayside Large Teapot

Description: Jane Fern is the artist and visionary that crafted the floral design and gentle touches of colour to this teapot. The botanical artist demonstrates her love for nature on this original piece.

Dunoon - English Grammar

Style: Glencoe

Name: English Grammar

Description: This large and stylishly shaped mug is just as educational as it is beautiful. Illustrator Caroline Dadd educates you with facts and figures about the English language. The perfect gift for an English teacher! A few similar mugs feature biology, the human brain, DNA, and extinct species!  


The Best Tea in the Best Teaware

We care about delivering you quality. Quality tea, quality tea accessories, and quality teaware. Try the renowned Dunoon Bone China mugs for a taste of pure quality. Check out over ten original styles and the huge selection of breathtaking, artistic, and humorous designs.



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