Black Teas 

View our selection of Black Teas from all over the world. From Traditional Black Teas to Flavoured Black Teas, Breakfast Teas & Earl Greys, we have a black tea for everyone. Our selection of Black teas come from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), China & India. Our personal favourites are the premium China black teas - they are definitely worth a try. We also ...

  • Traditional Black Teas
    Traditional Black Teas

    Our Traditional Black Teas are sourced from some of the most renowned tea production regions in the world. We carry a wide variety of Traditional Black Teas from China, India, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Nepal & more. Amongst the most popular black tea types are Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon & Keemun. We have also created a number of rich, vibrant in-house blends of Black Tea that are certainly worth a try. Want to explore further into the world of Black Tea? Browse our full range of Black Teas.

  • Flavoured Black Teas
    Flavoured Black Teas

    Rooted in our collection of traditional black teas, our flavoured black teas are modern twists on the tried and true classics. The majority of our flavoured black teas are made up primarily of tea from Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon or another major tea producing region, and then elevated with a combination of herbs, spices, fruits or other plant-based components. These teas are bright, warm and often complex in their flavours. Want to explore further into the world of Black Tea? Browse our entire collection of Black Teas.

  • Breakfast Teas
    Breakfast Teas

    Looking for a tea to start your morning off right with? Our collection of Breakfast Teas is your answer. Our Breakfast Teas are all black teas and are intended to go with a rich morning breakfast. In contrast to afternoon teas, our Breakfast Teas are more robust and tend to have a higher caffeine content. If you're looking for a classic Breakfast Tea, we recommend trying English Breakfast. Want to explore further into the world of Black Tea? Browse our full selection of Black Teas.

  • Earl Grey
    Earl Grey

    Our selection of Earl Grey Teas are wonderfully bright and vibrant with the warm aroma of citrus that is the hallmark of Earl Grey. Month-after-month we see Earl Grey Supreme as out best selling tea. It's not hard to see why when you taste twice the normal amount of Oil of Bergamot. Like many of our other Earl Grey Teas, Earl Grey Supreme is light with a delicate aftertaste and takes milk and sugar well. Want to explore further into the work of Black Teas? Browse our entire collection of Black Teas.

  • Samplers

    We offer three different types of Black Tea Samplers. Each of the regular sampler packs contains 40g of four different Black Teas and the premium sampler packs contain 20g of four different Premium Black teas. Whether you are new to Black Teas or a connoisseur, sampler packs are a fantastic way to introduce you to wonderful new Black Teas. Want to explore further into the world of Black Teas? Browse our full collection of Black Teas.

  • CAD$9.00 In Stock
    "Wa" refers to Japan and "koucha" means red tea. This black tea is quite different from those produced in other countries. It has to do with the type of tea plant used, as well as Japan's climate and soil conditions. While wakoucha maintains the earthy, sweet flair of black tea, its flavour is especially delicate, with just a hint of astringency. This...
  • CAD$4.50 In Stock
    A classic blend of Darjeeling, Ceylon, and Nilgiri teas. Strong afternoon blend that takes milk well. Our private blend for the restaurant "Waldo's on King". To see more Traditional Black Teas visit the Traditional Black Tea section or to browse all of our Black Teas visit the Black Tea section.
  • CAD$4.50 In Stock
    Yorkshire Tea is a black tea blend produced by Taylors of Harrogate, one of the few remaining family tea and coffee merchants in the United Kingdom. A lightly astringent cup becomes golden bright with milk. This tea is a unique blend of Indian, Kenyan and Chinese teas. Few teas have such rich fullness and flavour. Strong infusion that takes milk very...

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