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Our range of Fruit and Herbal Blends offer a wealth of flavour in every sip. From the bright flavours of the Fruit Explosion Blend to the aromatics of Arctic Spearmint, our fruit and herbal blends offer value in both flavour and function. We offer a variety of different fruit teas including blueberry, cranberry, apple, mango & more. In addition,...

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    All Weather is a wonderful blend that is both comforting and warm, yet refreshing. A licorice taste with a minty kick.  A traditional European recipe that will help you through those cold winter days but will also cool you down during the hotter months.  A tisane that may help alleviate some cold symptoms! Caffeine-free. To see more Tisanes visit our...
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    Spearmint is highly appreciated for its digestive properties and its ability to relieve nausea. Quite often it is also used to find relief from headaches and tension. This cooling herb doesn't actually grow in the arctic.  It comes from Washington State. Caffeine-free. To see more Fruit & Herbal Tea Blends visit the Fruit & Herbal Blends section or to...
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    This herbal medley offers a unique, mellow sweetness with warm hints of citrus and vanilla. Not your average cup of chamomile! Try this blend as an alternative to the traditional comforting favourite.
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    Blueberries are terrifically healthy, full of anti-oxidants and vitamins. This fruit tisane steeps to a nice dark purple infusion with a tremendously fruity taste. A real winner as an iced tea as well. To see more Fruit & Herbal blends visit the Fruit & Herbal Blends section or to browse all of our Herbal & Decaf Teas visit the Herbal & Decaf Tea section.
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    Cranberries, like blueberries, are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. This fruit tisane produces a flavourful cup with just the right amount of tang and tartness to inspire ones senses. Caffeine-free. To see more Fruit & Herbal Tea Blends visit the Fruit & Herbal Blends section or to browse all of our Herbal & Decaf Teas visit the Herbal &...
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    Chamomile is an herb known for it's relaxing qualities. A member of the daisy family, it is native to Europe and western Asia. Often described as having an apple-like taste. If you have a ragweed allergy, you should avoid chamomile. Pregnant women should also avoid any infusion with Chamomile. Whole Chamomile flowers. Caffeine-free. To see more Fruit &...
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    Dandelion herb and root is said to help detoxify the liver, bladder and kidneys, as well as prevent urinary tract infections. Drinking this herbal infusion regularly may assist in improving blood circulation, digestion, water retention and joint pain/inflammation. Dandelion is also said to benefit skin conditions. A natural detoxifier, this bitter herb...
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    This blend, with its bold red colour, has a full-bodied berry flavour. It tastes delicious hot or cold. Try using it to make frozen popsicles for the kids! Certified organic ingredients from Canada, USA, Thailand, and Spain.
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    Elderflowers and leaves are used traditionally in alternative medicine in Germany. They have antiviral and antioxidant properties, which is why they are used to fight off colds and flu. Elderflower tea typically contains some of the leaves as well. Despite promising findings in studies, the benefits of drinking elderflower have not been confirmed.  A mild...

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